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10 Best Weight Loss Supplements

Most people wish to maintain their lean slim body way after they are 40+ years. Statistics however, show that as you age it gets harder and harder to shed weight yet we see top celebrities maintain their 20s body. The question is how do they do it? They work at it by making sure they exercise and take the right food choices as well as using weight loss supplements to ease the process. Below are the 10 best supplements to consider using

Fat burners and thermogenic

Fat burners are supplements that target your body fats with the aim of shrinking/reducing it to an acceptable level. Most fat burners include ingredients like chitosan and ephedra among others which increases metabolism while reducing appetite.

Thermogenic supplements increase your metabolism while increasing your internal body temperature


It is a sugar that comes from chitin. It used as a supplement to lower cholesterol and further treat it, it also treats obesity among others.

Chromium picolinate

It is a chemical compound that controls blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and aid in human metabolism, reduces body fat while reducing sugar cravings that may lead to increase in body weight.


It’s a starch derived from the roots of a konjac plant. It treats constipation, lowers cholesterol, treats diabetes type two and aide in weight loss by making a room in your stomach as fibres and thereby reducing appetite. In addition, it slows the absorption of sugar and cholesterol.

Whey protein

It is a protein supplement that comes from milk by-product of cheesemaking which is whey. Whey protein is a full component protein that is low in lactose and rich in leucine amino acid that aids in weight loss while increasing body muscles. It is generally known to give you a feeling of being full and thus reducing food cravings.

Conjugated linoleic acid

Is a healthy fatty acid and often used as a weight loss supplement. It increases metabolism as well as lowering calories in the body while lowering insulin resistance. It is the most common type of weight loss supplement that comes in various forms.


It’s a phytochemical found naturally in cocoa, tea and antioxidants. It acts as an antioxidant that is used to treat one’s skin, reduce blood sugar and aid in weight loss and prevents weight gain through its AMP-protein kinase that is in every cell to regulate the fat composition and life longevity.


It’s an amino acid found naturally in the body. It is used to remove waste and excess ammonia in the body. It is essential for weight loss as it reduces the craving for sugar and alcohol.

Omega 3 fatty acid

It is consumed from our diets since our bodies are not able to make them. It is essential to protect you from a heart attack, rheumatism and eczema in addition, when you have an exercise program and are using the normal omega 3 supplements your weight loss journey can be very fast. Remember high omega 3 concentration in the body can reduce your belly fat completely.

Vitamin D

It is an important vitamin since it helps the body absorb sunshine and calcium in. It can aid in bone formation. Low level of vitamin D is found in those with high body weight so consider taking its supplements as it will improve your mental mood and thereby reducing the need to emotionally eat.

In conclusion, if you need to reduce your weight enrol for exercise programs, eat right, reduce stress and choose the right weight loss supplements for you. Visit for more info: clearchoicehp.com